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Welcome to the Future Flight Standards Hub

The Future Flight Standards Hub is designed to accelerate the development of Future Flight demonstrators and wider industry innovation based on emerging best practice, knowledge sharing, and standards support.

Welcome to the Guidance Standard Page

Flora Pery-Knox-Gore

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Hello everyone, welcome to our dedicated space for discussions of the new standard development project, Future Flight Systems - Regulatory principles, management systems and design assurance processes - Guide.

I'm Flora, the Project Manager for this standard, and I'll be working closely with our Technical Author, @Mike Gadd.

We're really looking forward to meeting many of you in our upcoming workshop to develop a Scope for this standard, which aims to guide new entrants to the market and organizations seeking to scale and industrialize within the sector. It will provide guidance on management systems and assurance frameworks, signpost to existing regulation and standards, and include practical guidance, examples and templates.

Please feel free to post in this space with any questions, ideas, or topics for debate. We are keen to engage a variety of stakeholders who can provide insights into their particular challenges and experiences, so that we can ensure the standard meets these needs.

If you have any queries relating to the standard or wish to be closely involved in its development, feel free to get in touch with me at flora.peryknoxgore@bsigroup.com.

For questions relating to the use of the Future Flight Standards Hub, please message @Sasha.

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