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Update on Flex 1904 development

Nisha S

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Good afternoon,

I'd like to share an update with you all on where we are in the Flex development process for this standard. 

We are currently in the Advisory Group (AG) consultation period, during which the AG review a 'draft' version of the standard and provide their feedback and comments. Once AG consultation has closed, the Technical Author (TA) will review and provide their responses to the comments, which will then be discussed at AG meetings. 

Once the final decisions are agreed (via consensus), these will then be incorporated into a final version of the document, which will then be circulated with the AG for a final, brief period of review.

Shortly after this, the first iteration (v1.0) of the standard will be published and shared with you all for public comment. 

Please do share any questions you might have on the Flex process or the development of this standard in the comments below.  

Thanks very much,


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