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The Future Flight Standards Hub is designed to accelerate the development of Future Flight demonstrators and wider industry innovation based on emerging best practice, knowledge sharing, and standards support.

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This is a space for members and BSI to share content, access meeting notes, and other details regarding the BSI Flex on Operational Design Domain (ODD). Please click "join" if you'd like to be kept updated on the development of the standard.
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  2. Good afternoon, I'd like to share an update with you all on where we are in the Flex development process for this standard. We are currently in the Advisory Group (AG) consultation period, during which the AG review a 'draft' version of the standard and provide their feedback and comments. Once AG consultation has closed, the Technical Author (TA) will review and provide their responses to the comments, which will then be discussed at AG meetings. Once the final decisions are agreed (via consensus), these will then be incorporated into a final version of the document, which will then be circulated with the AG for a final, brief period of review. Shortly after this, the first iteration (v1.0) of the standard will be published and shared with you all for public comment. Please do share any questions you might have on the Flex process or the development of this standard in the comments below. Thanks very much, Nisha
  3. @Aleks Kowalski - thanks for flagging and apologies for the inconvenience. The video has been reuploaded and the slides have been uploaded separately, for ease of review.
  4. Alas the video is frozen from 25mins onwards so the remainder of the slides Matt presented aren't viewable.
  5. We hosted a lively and interesting session last week on what an ODD is and how it might be applied within the Future Flight space. Thank you to BSI Flex 1904 Technical Author @Matt Osborne, Programme Manager @Emma Brady and PAS 1883 Technical Author @Siddartha Khastgir for sharing your thoughts with the community, and thank you to everyone who was able to join us. If you were unable to come along on the day, but want to catch up on the conversation, you can download a recording of the session here, at your convenience:
  6. Afternoon everyone, We'd like to remind you about the ODD Lunch and Learn taking place next Wednesday 24th of January. It's an opportunity to learn more about BSI Flex 1904 and the potential applications of this new standard in the future flight space from the Technical Author. Attendees will also hear from the Technical Author of PAS 1883 about the use of the ODD in the Connected Automated Mobility sector. We'll be hosting a Q&A as part of the event and we'd like to invite you to post any questions you might have in advance of the session below. Please see the updated agenda and RSVP here: We look forward to seeing you soon! Nisha
  7. Join our expert speakers and your fellow community members as we dive into Operational Design Domains (ODD) and BSI Flex 1904 on the 24th of January 2024. Here's a quick preview: 🤓 Why Join? Insights: Understand ODDs and BSI Flex 1904. Networking: Connect with experts in live Q&A Engagement: Shape future standards with your input 🗓️ Agenda: 12:00 - 12:05: Future Flight program summary 12:05 - 12:40: ODD insights from experts 12:40 - 13:00: Engage in Q&A 🤔 Questions? Drop them below! Or directly under the event. Follow this link to RSVP, see who else is attending, and read more about the event.
  8. Hi all, Welcome to the BSI Flex Operational Design Domain (ODD) space, where you will find all updates, developments and discussions as they relate to the development of this standard in the Future Flight programme. You can start or contribute to discussions on the topic, ask questions, see timelines, and find relevant resources as they relate to the standard. Learn more about ODDs and why they’re needed in our blogs section here. I’m the Editorial Project Manager (EPM) who will be managing the development of this BSI Flex ODD. If you have any questions about the standards development process, please either leave them in the comments below, or send me a direct message via the community. For any broader questions around the community, please send a DM to @Sasha.
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