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Guidance Standard Progress Update

Flora Pery-Knox-Gore

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Hello everyone! I wanted to update you on what we've been calling the "Guidance standard". We're really looking forward to sharing this with you.

What is the Guidance standard?

PAS 1905, Future Flight systems - Regulatory principles, management systems, and design assurance processes - Guide is one of the standards currently in development as part of BSI's Future Flight programme. It aims to provide guidance to SMEs and new entrants hoping to scale and grow in the sector. This Guide will support businesses to navigate regulation, standards and industry expectations. It may also be of interest to insurers and investors who want to learn about the sector.

What is happening now?

The first draft of the standard has been produced by our Technical Author and is being edited by the BSI team. Once this first edit is finished, the draft will be shared with our Steering Group, the expert panel who will provide comments and feedback to the Technical Author. The project team will have some meetings to review these comments and decide on the best way forward.

When can I see the standard?

Once the Technical Author has updated the standard in line with the Steering Group's feedback, the standard will be ready for Public Consultation. At this point, it'll be uploaded to our Standards Development Portal where you can comment on the draft. I'll let you know here (and via email) when this period begins. We estimate that this Public Consultation phase will happen in July, and it'll last a month. Your comments will be reviewed by the project team and will help to shape the final version.


Thanks for your support!

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