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Community Preview: Flex 1903 v1:2023-08 - Future Flight Systems - Vocabulary


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As you may have already seen, we are pleased to announce an exclusive community preview of the first standard within the Future Flight Standards Programme – the BSI Flex 1903 v1:2023-08 - Future Flight Systems - Vocabulary. This standard marks a significant milestone in our collaborative efforts to enhance safety, innovation, commercialization, and standardization for Future Flight.  

Thank you to all who have been involved in the development of version 1 of the standard, with a special thanks to our Advisory Group and our Technical Author, @Anthony Venetz . 

You can find the standard preview here

Get ready for the official public consultation phase  

Stay tuned for the upcoming official public consultation phase in September. During this phase, you will have the opportunity to contribute your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions on version 1 and the individual terms and definitions to help shape the evolution of BSI Flex 1903 and subsequent iterations. 

For now, we invite you to explore the BSI Flex 1903 standard.

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  • Sasha changed the title to Community Preview: Flex 1903 v1:2023-08 - Future Flight Systems - Vocabulary

Moving onto the public consultation phase is an important milestone for the development of this standard and it is due in no small part to the fantastic support and collaboration of the Advisory Group. Having input from a range of experts across the future flight ecosystem has been essential and I can’t thank the contributors from the AG enough. 

What we have prepared includes: terms which are entirely new (to help define a specific issue or concept); terms that are already in common use (but which don't yet have consensus on a clear definition); and terms that are based on existing definitions (which have been included where needed to make the Vocabulary more complete and self-contained). I've no doubt there will be plenty of additional terms to add in the future, especially in such a fast-paced industry, hopefully this initial version will provide a good starting point.

I'd also like to reiterate Sasha's comments and invitation for feedback during the public consultation phase, at the end of the day the point of developing this Vocabulary is to help the future flight industry move forward by standardising the language we use - achieving consensus is the key to making that happen.

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