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  • Foreword

    Publishing Information

    This BSI Flex was sponsored by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). Its development was facilitated by BSI Standards Limited, and it was released under licence from The British Standards Institution. It came into effect on 31 August 2023.

    Acknowledgement is given to Anthony Venetz as the technical author, and the following organizations that were involved in the development of this BSI Flex as members of the Advisory Group:

    • Across Safety Development Ltd
    • Altitude Angel
    • Arcadis Consulting (UK) Ltd
    • Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems UK (ARPAS- UK)
    • Auriga Aerospace
    • Blue Bear Systems Research
    • BT
    • Burges Salmon
    • Cranfield University
    • Custom Interconnect Ltd
    • Dronecloud
    • Flight Crowd
    • HeroTech8
    • Midlands Aerospace Alliance
    • Highlands and Islands Airport
    • UKRI

    The British Standards Institution retains ownership and copyright of this BSI Flex. BSI Standards Limited, as the publisher of the BSI Flex, reserves the right to withdraw or amend this BSI Flex on receipt of authoritative advice that it is appropriate to do so.

    This BSI Flex is not to be regarded as a PAS or British Standard.

    The BSI Flex process enables a standard to be rapidly developed, on an iterative basis, in order to fulfil an immediate stakeholder, need. A BSI Flex can be considered for further development as a PAS or British Standard or constitute part of the UK input into the development of a European or international standard.

    The content in this version is part of an iterative process. It is likely to change from time to time with subsequent iterations.

    Information about this document

    This is Version 1 of BSI Flex 1903, which has been released to enable stakeholders to engage with the initial content and feedback comments for further versions of the document to be developed. This is the first public consultation of this BSI Flex and so the content is not to be considered as having received wider feedback. Users are therefore encouraged to comment on this version.

    This publication can be withdrawn, revised, partially superseded, or superseded. Information regarding the status of this publication can be found in the Standards Catalogue on the BSI website at, or by contacting the Customer Services team.

    Where websites and webpages have been cited, they are provided for ease of reference and are correct at the time of publication. The location of a webpage or website, or its contents, cannot be guaranteed.

    Copyright is claimed on term 3.1.14, 3.1.57, 3.1.58, and 3.1.59 copyright holder is ASTM, 100 Barr Harbor Drive, Conshohocken, PA United States. Reprinted, with permission, from ASTM International, Autonomy Design and Operations in Aviation: Terminology and Requirements Framework, 2019, copyright ASTM International. A copy of the complete standard may be obtained from

    Copyright is claimed on terms 3.1.37, 3.1.38, and 3.1.39 copyright holder is ASTM, 100 Barr Harbor Drive, Conshohocken, PA United States. Reprinted, with permission, from ASTM International, ASTM F3338 – 18: Standard Specification for Design of Electric Propulsion Units for General Aviation Aircraft, October 2021, copyright ASTM International. A copy of the complete standard may be obtained from

    Copyright is claimed on terms 3.1.40 and 3.1.41 copyright holder is the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Rue de Varembé 3 · 1202 Geneva, Switzerland. The author thanks the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for permission to reproduce Information from its International Standards. All such extracts are copyright of IEC, Geneva, Switzerland. All rights reserved. Further information on the IEC is available from IEC has no responsibility for the placement and context in which the extracts and contents are reproduced by the author, nor is IEC in any way responsible for the other content or accuracy therein.

    Use of this document

    It has been assumed in the preparation of this BSI Flex that the execution of its provisions will be entrusted to appropriately qualified and experienced people, for whose use it has been produced.

    Presentational conventions

    Where words have alternative spellings, the preferred spelling of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary is used (e.g., “organization” rather than “organisation”).

    Contractual and legal considerations

    This publication has been prepared in good faith, however no representation, warranty, assurance or undertaking (express or implied) is or will be made, and no responsibility or liability is or will be accepted by BSI in relation to the adequacy, accuracy, completeness, or reasonableness of this publication. All and any such responsibility and liability is expressly disclaimed to the full extent permitted by the law.

    This publication is to be used at the recipient’s own risk.

    The recipient is advised to consider seeking professional guidance with respect to its use of this publication.

    This publication is not intended to constitute a contract. Users are responsible for its correct application.

    Compliance with a BSI Flex cannot confer immunity from legal obligations.

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