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  • BSI Flex 1903 v1:2023-08 formally released

    This is an interactive version 1 of BSI Flex 1903 v1.0:2023-08. The aim of the standard is to create a lexicon of standard terms and acronyms used in this sector.

    We welcome your engagement and comments on this version to help inform the development of the next version. Comments on clauses or terms in the standard should be made via the BSI Standards Development Portal. We would also welcome general feedback including what terms could be considered for future versions and these can be made through our dedicated feedback page.

vertiport (VPT)



  • Definition

    aerodrome (3.1.2)  intended to be used for the arrival, departure, and ground movement of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft (3.1.87) 

    NOTE 1 Vertiport (VPT) infrastructure typically includes a landing pad/s, passenger and cargo facilities, charging and/or refuelling stations for electric/hybrid propulsion systems, integration of “uncrewed aircraft systems traffic management (UTM)” (3.1.84)  related infrastructure and accessibly to ground transportation. 

    NOTE 2 Vertiports can be either at ground level or on top of structures (elevated vertiports).

    NOTE 3 Vertiports can also accommodate non-passenger carrying “uncrewed aircraft system (UAS)(3.1.83). A subset of vertiport which is dedicated to only servicing UAS operations is referred to as a droneport and sometimes also referred to as a vertihub

    NOTE 4 A significant differentiator between heliports and vertiports is the design of the obstacle free volume associated with the arrival/departure phase of flight. Vertiport design is tailored to VTOL aircraft and as such may exclude the use of helicopters due to differences in performance characteristics and the ability to comply with the vertiport's obstacle free volume design. 


    [SOURCE: UK CAA CAP 2538, Considerations for Aerodromes and Vertiports planning to operate Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft (VTOL), April 2023] [22]

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