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  • BSI Flex 1903 v2:2024-06 community preview

    This is an interactive version 2 of BSI Flex 1903. The aim of the standard is to create a lexicon of standard terms and acronyms used in this sector. Please note, content is still undergoing internal review and there may be minor changes at full publication.

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remote pilot in command (RPIC)



  • Definition

    person, nominated by the uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) (3.1.137) operator, responsible for the safe conduct of the flight of an uncrewed aircraft (UA) (3.1.134) by operating its flight controls, either manually or, when the unmanned aircraft flies automatically, by monitoring its course and remaining able to intervene and change the course at any time

    [SOURCE: JARUS, SORA 2.5 Annex I (Glossary of Terms) [33]


    Previous Version: 1.0 Release date: September 2023 

    remote pilot designated as having responsibility for the uncrewed aircraft in-flight

    NOTE: The RPIC holds the leadership position within a designated flight crew. In a multi-crew operation, the flight crew might consist of more than one remote pilot, and control of the uncrewed aircraft might be handed over between them at various points during the flight. However, in such cases, only one remote pilot is designated as the remote pilot in command, and this does not normally change over the course of a single flight.

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