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  • BSI Flex 1903 v1:2023-08 formally released

    This is an interactive version 1 of BSI Flex 1903 v1.0:2023-08. The aim of the standard is to create a lexicon of standard terms and acronyms used in this sector.

    We welcome your engagement and comments on this version to help inform the development of the next version. Comments on clauses or terms in the standard should be made via the BSI Standards Development Portal. We would also welcome general feedback including what terms could be considered for future versions and these can be made through our dedicated feedback page.

network command and control



  • Definition

    data link architecture established between an uncrewed aircraft (UA) (3.1.82) and its command unit which relies on a distributed communication network provided by parties external to the uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) (3.1.83)  operator


    NOTE   Examples include cellular networks, satellite communications and unmanned aircraft area networks. Providers of these services are sometimes referred to as a “command and control (C2) link(3.1.22)  communications service providers

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