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The Future Flight Standards Hub is designed to accelerate the development of Future Flight demonstrators and wider industry innovation based on emerging best practice, knowledge sharing, and standards support.

Guidance PAS Scope and Report


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Thanks to all who joined our scoping workshop for the Future Flight Systems - Regulatory principles, management systems and design assurance processes - Guide PAS, and in particular @Mike Gadd,  @Flora Pery-Knox-Gore and @Chris Gee for facilitating the discussions.

You can now find the scoping workshop report here, and the scope here

This PAS is designed to help market new entrants, start ups and SMEs to navigate the complexity of future flight standards and regulation. To ensure the standard supports your needs, we're keen to hear from you. So if you are a future flight market new entrant, a start up entering this space, or an SME and are interested in being more closely involved in shaping this standard, please let us know below, or get in touch directly with  @Flora Pery-Knox-Gore via the community or at: flora.peryknoxgore@bsigroup.com. 

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