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  • BSI Flex 1903 v2:2024-06 community preview

    This is an interactive version 2 of BSI Flex 1903. The aim of the standard is to create a lexicon of standard terms and acronyms used in this sector. Please note, content is still undergoing internal review and there may be minor changes at full publication.

    We welcome your engagement and comments on this version to help inform the development of the standard. We would also welcome general feedback including what terms could be considered for future versions and these can be made through our dedicated feedback page .

state of health (SOH)



  • Definition

    indication of the degradation of capability of an energy storage system to provide accessible energy for safe flight and landing

    SOURCE: EUROCAE, ED-289, Guidance on determination of accessible energy in battery systems for eVTOL applications.[25]


    NOTE 1 SOH considerations include, but are not limited to, the capability to store accessible energy and the capability to provide power with a certain internal efficiency.

    NOTE 2 SOH is one of the measures used to provide an indication to crew of the current status of the energy storage system (ESS) (3.1.69), in order to allow an understanding of the remaining flight time and/or flight range.

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