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final-approach and take-off area (FATO)



  • Definition

    defined area over which the final phase of the approach manoeuvre to hover or landing is completed and from which the take-off manoeuvre is commenced


    NOTE 1 A vertiport (VPT) (3.1.144) is expected to include at least one FATO.

    NOTE 2 The FATO should provide an area free of obstacles (except for essential objects which because of their function are located on it), and of sufficient size and shape to ensure containment of every part of the design VTOL-capable aircraft (VCA) (3.1.143) in the final phase of the approach and at the commencement of the take-off in accordance with the intended procedures. Essential objects are visual aids (e.g. lighting or roll-over protection if the VPT is elevated) or other aids (e.g. firefighting systems) necessary for safety purposes.


    [SOURCE: EASA, Vertiports, prototype technical specifications for the design of VFR vertiports for operation with manned VTOL-capable aircraft certified in the Enhanced Category (PTS-VPT-DSN)] [26]

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