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  • BSI Flex 1903 v2:2024-06 community preview

    This is an interactive version 2 of BSI Flex 1903. The aim of the standard is to create a lexicon of standard terms and acronyms used in this sector. Please note, content is still undergoing internal review and there may be minor changes at full publication.

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electric/hybrid propulsion system (EHPS)



  • Definition

    combination of technologies that involve the use of electric motors or a combination of electric motors and combustion engines to form a system which produces lift, thrust or power for flight


    NOTE 1 An EHPS might include but is not limited to:
    a) electric motors;
    b) turbine engines;
    c) piston engines;

    d) generators;
    e) electrical power generation;
    f) distribution;
    g) wirings;
    h) propulsion batteries;
    i) integrated fans;
    j) cooling systems;
    k) controllers;
    l) power management system.

    NOTE 2 A propulsion battery associated to an electric motor providing power to a fan, rotor or propeller is considered to be part of an EHPS. A propulsion battery alone (without any associated electric engine) is not considered to be part of an EHPS.

    NOTE 3 All-electric aircraft systems use batteries as the only source of propulsion power.

    NOTE 4 Hybrid systems include, but are not limited to, parallel hybrid, series hybrid and series/parallel partial hybrid configurations.

    [SOURCE: EASA, Special Condition, SC E-19, Electric / hybrid propulsion system, modified – “the use of electric motors and/or combustion engines” replaced by “the use of electric motors or a combination of electric motors and combustion engines”] [21]

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