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    This is an interactive version 2 of BSI Flex 1903. The aim of the standard is to create a lexicon of standard terms and acronyms used in this sector. Please note, content is still undergoing internal review and there may be minor changes at full publication.

    We welcome your engagement and comments on this version to help inform the development of the standard. We would also welcome general feedback including what terms could be considered for future versions and these can be made through our dedicated feedback page .

battery energy density



  • Definition

    amount of energy that a battery can store per unit of volume or mass, providing an indication of the capacity of a battery to store electrical energy


    NOTE 1 Energy density of a battery is typically measured in watt-hours per unit volume or mass, e.g. watt-hours per kilogram.

    NOTE 2 High energy density is desirable for applications that require a compact and lightweight energy storage solution with a large capacity.

    NOTE 3 Energy density is distinct from power density, which is more relevant for applications that prioritize the rate of energy delivery over energy capacity.

    NOTE 4 Other terms commonly used with regard to energy density per unit mass include “specific energy” and “gravimetric energy density”; and with regard to per unit volume, “volumetric energy density”.

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